News Daily: Cabinet Brexit meeting, and vaginal mesh decision

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Brexit: May plots next moves after MPs turn down alternative plans

Theresa May will convene her cabinet later, as she tries, once again, to make progress on Brexit. This follows MPs last night rejecting four alternative proposals that some of them – rather than the government – had put forward.

Up for discussion at 10 Downing Street is whether the PM should put her own Brexit deal with the EU before Parliament once more. Ministers insist this is the only way forward.

The UK has 10 days to seek another delay to Brexit or leave the EU without a deal. After the failure of his own proposal last night, Conservative MP Nick Boles resigned from his party to sit instead as “an Independent Progressive Conservative”.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg says the latest events make two outcomes more likely: leaving the EU without a deal and a general election taking place. Hear her thoughts and those of our other experts on Brexitcast.

Also, find out how your MP voted and what children think about Brexit.

Vaginal mesh: NHS ban ‘can be lifted with changes’

Vaginal mesh implants were halted across the UK last year after some women were left unable to walk, work or have sex because of them. But the implants, used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence, are to be offered again by the NHS in England, provided certain conditions are met. The health watchdog NICE said operations had to be carried out by specialist surgeons and that these should be recorded on a national database.

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Joe Biden: Second woman accuses ex-vice-president of unwanted touching

Former US Vice-President Joe Biden has not announced yet whether he will run to replace Donald Trump in the White House. But, ahead of any decision, he has been accused by two women of inappropriate touching. Amy Lappos, a former aide to a congressman, said Mr Biden had placed both hands on her face and rubbed noses with her in 2009. This followed Lucy Flores accusing Mr Biden of kissing her on the back of the head when she was running to be Nevada’s lieutenant governor in 2014. Mr Biden has said he doesn’t believe he has ever acted inappropriately.

America’s child brides

By Sophie Haydock, BBC Three

Heather was only 15 when she said: “I do.” She was also pregnant. The groom, Aaron, was 24 when they married in August 2015.

Heather’s mum had been against the marriage from the start, but her dad and paternal grandparents believed the unborn child’s parents should be married, and so researched states in which it was legal for a 15-year-old to marry with only one parent’s consent. They also thought that, by marrying, Aaron could avoid a charge of statutory rape and possible prison sentence.

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What the papers say

The Daily Telegraph reports that Theresa May will use the “threat” of a general election to try to bring Conservative MPs behind her Brexit deal. The Guardian says today’s cabinet meeting is set to last five hours, as ministers thrash issues out. Meanwhile, the Times describes MPs’ rejection of alternative plans as a “boost” for the PM. The Daily Mail’s headline reads: “It’s back to square one!”

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