10 of the Best Pieces of Arsenal Merchandise You Can Buy Now

10 of the Best Pieces of Arsenal Merchandise You Can Buy Now

​Christmas may have been and gone but that does not mean that you’re safe from the anxiety-inducing ordeal of purchasing presents for your loved ones. 

Birthdays, christenings… Valentines Day? The list of occasions where gift giving is mandatory is irritatingly extensive. 

Never fear though as 90min has got your back… as long as you are shopping for an Arsenal fan that is.

adidas Arsenal 2019/2020 Away Shirt 

​Let’s start with something nice and simple – the Gunners’ away shirt from this season. 

Inspired by the much-loved bruised banana kit of the early 1990s, this modern twist on that iconic jersey is eye-catching, bold and a perfect gift for the Arsenal fan in your life.   

Available from ​​​Pro:Direc​t​ for £​100.00

Gabriel Martinelli Player T-Shirt 

There’s no better way to celebrate Arsenal’s great hope for the future than by proudly displaying his cheeky, Brazilian face on your chest everytime you leave the house. 

You will almost certainly get stared at on the bus for donning this garment, but that is small price to pay in order to spread the scared gospel of north London’s lord and saviour – Gabriel Martinelli.

Available from UK Soccer Shop for £15.16

Arsenal Personalised Crest Design Water Bottle

​Get ready to wave goodbye to single-use, plastic drinks containers by allowing this multi-purpose bottle emblazoned with the Gunners crest into your life.

This receptacle will keep your tea warm and your water cold – you can even add your name to it for a nominal fee. Just make sure to clean it out thoroughly when you switch up your beverage… unlike a certain 90min editor.   

Available from Arsenal Direct​ for £16.00

Invincible: Inside Arsenal’s Unbeaten 2003-2004 Season

​Ahhhhh… remember when Arsenal were good. Before #WengerOut, before Unai Emery and before Shkodran Mustafi, the Gunners were one of best teams in all of the land. 

Reminisce about these halcyon days with Amy Lawrence’s book, Invincible, about the club’s unbeaten 2003/2004 campaign. It’s even includes a foreword from Arsene Wenger himself. Nice.

Available from ​​Amazon​ for £9.99


​Right listen up… regardless of what your mother/partner/friends claim, it is definitely acceptable to wear sliders out in public. 

Now we’ve got that out of the way, you should consider copping a pair of these Gunners themed slippy slips from adidas. 

Sure, you may receive some resistance when you first wear them down the pub, but give it a few weeks and we guarantee all your mates will have followed suit.  

Available from ​​adidas​ for £21.95

Arsenal Emirates Stadium 3D Puzzle

​Do not be fooled by the claims on the box that this is a gift for children. A quick browse of the reviews reveals that a string of fully grown human adults have found the puzzle to be a worthy adversary. 

If you possess the necessary aptitude to construct it, we are assured that it looks absolutely great when finished and thus can take pride of place on your mantelpiece.

Available from ​​Amazon​ for £21.99

Arsenal Retro 1985 Centenary Track Jacket

​Woah, that is some rather tidy clobber right there. Let’s be honest, going to the football has always been a bit of a fashion show and one way to stand out from the crowd is by donning this incredibly smart jacket. 

We love everything about it. The collar, the retro badge, the stripe – everything. 

Available from ​​​Pro:Direc​t​ for £60.00

SoccerStarz Arsenal: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Just think of the countless hours of fun you could have with this miniature version of the Gunners top scorer. We’d probably start be re-enacting his North London derby brace with a bit of Blu Tack in the office acting as a football…

And why stop at the Gabonese striker? Pretty much the entire Arsenal squad is available in bite-size form somewhere on the internet.

Available on ​​Amazon​ for £5.99

Arsenal Dog Bowl

dog bowl” data-credit=”Image by Matt O’Connor-Simpson” data-ratio=”4/3″ data-crop=”{"x":0.2776774193548387,"y":0.06285714285714286,"w":0.7222918586789555,"h":0.9364285714285714}” data-licensor=”90min” data-is-animated=”false” data-width=”930″ data-height=”538″>

​Why should your pets have to miss out on this Gunners gift bonanza? Introducing this stainless steel dog bowl for the Arsenal supporting pooch in your household. 

There’s also nothing stopping you eating your cereal out of it if you don’t have any pets. We promise we won’t tell…

Available from ​​Arsenal Direct​ for £12.00

Arsenal adidas Pre-Match Training Shirt (Green)

Now that is wavy garment, very wavy indeed. Although Arsenal claim it’s for ‘pre-match training’, you could definitely pull off this tie-dye inspired design during festival season. 

This makes it one of the only shirts in the world that would not look out of place at a Tame Impala gig as well as at Turf Moor on a raining Wednesday night. Versatile.

Available from ​​UK Soccer Shop​ for £44.61

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